Causes of hair loss: a profound look

Oorzaken van haaruitval: een diepgaande blik

Hair loss is a universal care that affects both men and women, resulting in both emotional stress and social uncertainty. While the extent and patterns of hair loss vary, the underlying causes are often complex and multifactorial. In this blog post we dive into the main causes of hair loss and at the end we offer a look at our range of products that can help tackle this problem.

Genetic factors
One of the most common causes of hair loss is genetics. Androgenetic alopecia, better known as male or female baldness patterns, is hereditary. In men this can lead to the neighborhoods of the hairline and baldness on the crown, while women usually experience a loss over the entire top of the head.

Hormonal changes
Hormonal fluctuations can also contribute significantly to hair loss. Examples of this are pregnancy, menopause, and thyroid disorders. Especially in women, the postpartum period can lead to noticeable hair loss, known as telogen effluvium.

Medical conditions
Various medical conditions, such as lupus, iron deficiency, and alopecia areata (an autoimmune disease that causes hair loss), can cause hair loss. Treatment of the underlying condition is often necessary to stop or reduce the hair loss.

Stress and lifestyle
Serious stress, both physically and emotionally, can lead to temporary hair loss. Similarly, lifestyle factors such as poor food, smoking, and certain hairstyles that tighten the hair can contribute to reduced hair growth and hair loss.

Medication and treatments
Certain medicines, including chemotherapy, blood pressure -lowering medicines, and antidepressants, can have hair loss as a side effect. In general, the hair will grow again after stopping or adjusting the medication.

Nutrient deficiencies
An unbalanced diet can lead to shortages of essential nutrients such as iron, proteins, and vitamins, which can cause hair loss. A well -balanced diet is crucial for maintaining healthy hair.

While the causes of hair loss are diverse, the good news is that there are steps you can take to treat hair loss. Our range of hair care products has been carefully selected to meet different needs. From nourishing lotions and foams to advanced dermarollers aimed at specific causes of hair loss, we have something for everyone.

We invite you to take a look at our range and take the first step to regaining your hair health and self -confidence. Visit us today and discover how our products can help you in your fight against hair loss.

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